Legend of the Coco Palms ResortFront

Never confuse Hawai`ian spirits for Aloha spirit. On the lush tropical Hawai`ian island of Kaua`i sits the iconic dilapidated Coco Palms Resort, once a paradise getaway for the rich and famous. On September 11, 1992 Hurricane Iniki ripped through Kaua`i, leaving the resort nothing more than a hollowed shell. Centuries before Iniki struck, the land belonged to Kaua`i’s royal family. The lush coconut grove along the Wailua River was home to Queen Deborah, the last reigning monarch, whose remains have never been found. Rumor has it that she walks the halls of the resort. After more than two decades, corporate New York lawyer, Abby Parker has been hired to acquire the property for a wealthy land developer. Abby soon discovers that the Heritage and Cultural Association is not the biggest obstacle to stand in her way. Within hours of arriving on the island, Abby finds herself on a gurney, in the back of an ambulance.

Driving in Circles

drivingHenry Jones decides to take his entire family on a luxury cruise through the beautiful azure waters of the Caribbean. What better way to celebrate his and Cynthia’s fortieth wedding anniversary? Ten days, three grown daughters, and one son-in-law onboard, watch as their perfect lives start to reveal fine cracks. Barely at sea two days, Joyce, the youngest suddenly departs, leaving her sister Jat to explain her absence. Jat is the only one who knows the truth. Or so she thinks. As if it weren’t enough to cover for Joyce, Jat witnesses her older sister Skye rendezvousing with a handsome stranger onboard. She finds out that Skye’s husband Marcos has also seen his wife with another man. The cruise is not without intrigue and suspense, but none of them can stay focused on one issue long enough, due to the odd behavior that both Cynthia and Henry start to exhibit. It seems that Henry of all people has been keeping a secret, which he has no intention of sharing—at least not until the right time. But that time may not come, especially when someone else discovers his secret.


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