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Danielle Urban’s Review      5star

“Legend of the Coco Palms Resort by Rita D’Orazio is fascinating” –see full review 

Rebecca Markus’ Review    4star.JPG

“Rita D’Orazio’s excellent writing took me back to Hawaii and reminded me of all the little reasons I loved being there” – see full review


Elizabeth’s Review    5star

“I absolutely love this book! It will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end with its surprising twists and turns” – see full review

Amazon Customer Review    5star

“I loved how the author made me feel like part of the Hawaiian culture” – see full review

Lise Bougie’s Review    5star

Life-like and authentic.[…] The author retains the mystery of this novel and the unexpected finale right to the end. – see full review

Amazon Customer Review    5star

“You walked away with a very positive feeling.”  – see full review

InD’tale Magazine

“Rita has created a wonderfully intricate story. Her characters are strong, interesting, and stand on their own two feet when it comes to personality” – see full review